Northfield Women Poets' Anthology featured in The Rake

penchant coverThis month's issue of The Rake, the Twin Cities magazine that has recently become an online-only publication, features two pieces—an article and a 'poem of the week' by Marie Vogel Gery—on Penchant, a new anthology of poetry by Northfield women.

Eleven truth-telling women passionately grieve and celebrate the myriad facets of their complex lives in the new Northfield women's poet anthology, Penchant. The title implies an inclination, and the title poem, by Karen Herseth Wee, explains that each of these poets possesses a drive:

"An uncontrollable urge to write, reveal, chant
aloud that which otherwise stays hidden in the body or mind"

Read the rest of the feature in the May 2008 Rake.