Dundas station sells 41 cent gas ONE DAY ONLY!

Cheap gas in DundasIn honor of spring, the Dundas Exxon (near the corner of Railway and 2nd) is selling gas for $0.41/gallon for one day only. (The catch: 12 gallon limit.) We called the station to find out to find out the inside scoop.

"Not many people seem to know we're out here, so this is our way of saying 'Hey, here we are', you know, and I think that people will understand that."

The offer didn't specify if containers were ok or not, so if you were able to fill one up, please leave us a comment and let us know!

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Snowblower Fuel

I was out early and filled a container so I could fill up my snowblower. It's looking like winter may never end.

long lines at the pump

Ugh. I tried to fill up this morning, but the lines were too long. I'll try again after lunch.

And even more fascinating,

And even more fascinating, despite the snow, the leaves on the trees are beautiful!!

Where is this gas station?

Can someone help me out and let me know where the station is? I'm having trouble finding it based on the Railway & 2nd reference above.

I guess the station owner's right to say that people don't know they are there! I have no idea where they are!

: )

: )


According to the pic, spring is in full force in Dundas. Might have to take a vacation to Dundas and enjoy the green!

Yeah, right!

Sure, Adam, like there's actually a store with a stupid name like "Exxon"!

Doesn't even mean anything! I looked it up! Joke's on you, loserpants!

- Brendon Etter
A Play A Day & Lysteria

I just fueled up, thanks for

I just fueled up, thanks for the tip

Always happy to help

We're here to help.

When they hold their Spring Sale next year, we'll be ready to give Northfield the inside scoop again. :)

They've also begun giving

They've also begun giving out free oven mitts!

Anyone guess the movie???