Out like a lion: Northfield schools closing early

snow-day Northfield schools letting out early today, March 31:

  • St. Dominic's - 12:30
  • Area Learning Center - 12:30
  • HS - 12:45.
  • Middle School 12:51.
  • Sibley Elementary 1:10
  • Bridgewater Elementary 1:45.
  • Greenvale Park - 1:15

School not listed?  Keep an eye on WCCO's School Closing Page or KYMN 1080 for more information.

(Many thanks to HWren for their CC-licensed picture.)

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Note to parents

Even though it's a snow day and you may be out of ideas for children's activities, please do not let them play in the sulphuric acid.

You know what? That's probably good advice, snow day or not.

Physics Question

Will hot sulfuric acid melt snow faster than cold sulfuric acid?