Train Derails, sulfuric acid leaks

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Update 1: A bit more from KARE 11, including some video.

Not much information out there right now, but a train derailed in Northfield last night and leaked sulfuric acid:

The derailment occurred near a residential area at about 2 a.m. this morning, said Mark Davis, Union Pacific spokesman. Television reports said the derailment was near Highways 3 and 19.

Informal town reports have the police blocking off an area near St. Dominic'sDairy Queen and Highway 3.

Today's KYMN Daily News has much more information on the leak:

Note that this is the 8:05 a.m. broadcast. As the day progresses, tune into KYMN 1080 AM for more information.


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Links about train

Mayor Lansing was on KYMN this morning. The amount of acid, he said, was 25 gallons and that it had been neutralized. Neutralized, but the clean-up efforts are still on-going. As for the derailed cars, some of them can be put back on the track with cranes or other heavy equipment.

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One more link

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