March Skies - Images from Miriam Mueller

Miriam Mueller sent in these great pictures from yesterday, including the first rainbow of the year.  (Click here to see the images in a slideshow.)

Promise of spring

More inside...

Last ice




A million thanks to Miriam for sending these in. 

Remember: is Citizen Journalism - if you write it, snap it, film it, or record it, we'll publish it!

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I've seen great photos.

I've seen great photos.  These are just average.

Great photos!

 Miriam - your shots are beautiful - thank you so much for making them available! Keep up the good work - and let us see more.

Miriam's photos

Pay no attention to the commenter behind the curtain, Miriam! (Not at all sure what criteria your anonymous critic was using in his or her pronouncement, but I and others have different opinions.)

Please keep sending in the great shots. I appreciate them, and I appreciate your courage to put your work before the public.

I especially like the shaded cupola picture. Thank you.

- Brendon Etter
A Play A Day & Lysteria

Mim's the best.

Miriam does great stuff.

It also runs in the family: Mary Mueller has a nice bunch of photos on Flickr, as well:

Thanks you guys for the nice comments!

...and don't worry, I don't care much about the "average" comment.  I'm only a happy, "hobby photographer" with a point and shoot camera.  I enjoy capturing a quick and lovely or quirky moment. 

And you're right Dave, Mary has a strong interest in photography.  As does another sis, Amy Benson.  Let me tell you, our family outings are WELL documented!  :-)

"-)  keep shooting!!!