Ole Store: wine bar, coffeeshop, cafe

This sign is now up on the Ole Store. Click to enlarge.

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I was lucky enough to get a quick tour of the building last week when I stopped to read the sign. The owner is really excited and so far, the remodeling looks very nice. The Ole Store is going to have a much improved atmosphere, in my opinion. I hear a lot of people talk about a lack of quality, locally owned restaurants in Northfield. Assuming the food is good and fairly priced, I hope Northfielders will put their money where their mouth is when the Ole Store re-opens.

These new owners are close friends, and believe me they are very excited. Together they bring years of restaurant experience to the Ole Store. Their business partner is also head chef, so quality will be outstanding. The new decor is beautiful. It's a big change but a welcome one, the interior just glows. The new Ole Store will become a destination.