Help Determine the Future of Arts and Culture in Northfield

letter The city's Arts and Culture Commission will host an open meeting on Thurs., Feb. 21, from 7 to 9 pm in the Community Resource Center (Rm SS103) to discuss the formation of an Arts and Culture Collaborative in Northfield.

This is a follow-up to a meeting held in November, when representatives of arts and culture organizations, artists, and stakeholders in Northfield's arts and cultural scene met to explore this idea. At that meeting, participants identified a number of common needs and many expressed an interest in collaboration.

How do we move forward? Whether or not you attended the first meeting, we invite you to join us on Thursday evening. The meeting is designed to make concrete decisions and to take cohesive action. Your presence, your voice and your participation are needed to determine the future of arts and culture in Northfield.

More details, and the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, are in the attached letter.

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Northfield Arts Resource Directory, etc

Under Philip Spensley's leadership, tonite, we agreed to, among other things, pursue a directory of arts resources in Northfield. Barb Matz volunteered to get it started. Until things are formalized, you may send me your initial contact info including name and email address (and ideas). I will help Barb contact you once a format is set.

Doug Bratland suggested, and we agreed to encourage to establish, an aggregating calendar of arts events.

And we agreed (ourselves plus anyone else is welcome) to continue to meet to work on a whole variety of 'collaboration' items. Watch for a time and place...

ArtSwirl is in the capable hands of Chairperson Jessica Paxton. Let us know how we can help, Jessica.

I will establish contact with the S. Central Minnesota arTour group.

Anyone interested in an Art Crawl plan and schedule can contact me and we will get it started.

ArtOnWater is specifically focused on art-market-action for the visual artists. Anyone with interests related to this is welcome to imagine, organize and can meet in my gallery space - let me know.

Ann Etter suggested an 'arts town' is about artists, consumers of that art, and planners who bring them together. Tonite we noted many of us wear more than one hat.

As we met, we agreed not to be divided-up into groups, but, instead, chose to sit together to figure out some specific things to work on... and wore all our hats piled one atop the other...

Dean Kjerland
ArtOnWater Gallery


The first meeting of this group, in November, was on the night of the district band concert. Last night's meeting was on the night of the middle school band concert. As a result, I couldn't attend either meeting. It might be good to consult a community arts calendar before scheduling meetings of an arts group.


I completely agree.

A "community arts and culture commission" (or any community group) that uses should have the courtesy of posting information about their proposed meetings on the calendar -- and they should do this well in advance of the date so that people can plan to be there. I would hope they would also also do this with other media (radio, newspaper).

I'm really tired of scheduled events appearing as articles that have not been posted to the calendar ahead of time. It's great to feature those events on the front page, but not when they have not been posted to the calendar first. Have some respect for the time and schedules of your intended audience and other events that may be happening in town.

Hence the efforts underway...

There is A LOT going on in town and it's indeed frustrating that too many things overlap. If you look up at Dean's original comment, you'll see his remark that I volunteered to have put some effort into developing a more robust and user-friendly calendar, and one that's easier for everyone to access and update. Stay tuned for more developments!

Great idea, Doug

Hooray for Doug! User-friendliness and accessibility should be the key words here. The community would post to it as they wanted. It will be a great addition to the arts scene in Northfield.


- Brendon Etter
A Play A Day & Lysteria