The more things change, the more they... change, I guess.

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watch-out-for-iceThings are moving at the speed of time nowadays and we here at are deep within the underground laboratories trying to stay client-focused on our paradigm changing quality synergisms.  Also: empowerment.  So what does this mean?  New stuff!  Also, we apparently need to stop listening to the speeches that Upper Management have been giving.

KYMN Daily News: We're working on a test partnership with KYMN radio to carry their daily news briefings.  We've created an automated system that allows us to carry the shows about 5-10 minutes after they've been broadcast.  Look for new news in the audio player on the right about 8:30 every morning.

We get lots and lots of requests for us to carry housing listings (in addition to the bi-weekly Real Estate Guide) and lots of searches for people looking to find housing, both for ownership and rental.  To that end, we've brought aboard the Minneapolis Craigslist real estate postings for Northfield.  You can find that purple-bordered box on the left hand side.

The list of free Northfield WiFi access points has grown by two - the Eagles club and Caribou Coffee. If you know of any more, please let us know.

And last but not least, our good friends at 5th Bridge have created a 300 Ways to Volunteer sidebar block that shows you a different idea every time you load the page.  We think it's a superlative solutioning best-practi-sorry, that just slipped out - we think it's dandy.  That's also on the left hand side. is a non-profit run by volunteers - this means we're open to any and all good ideas that you might have.  If you've got one (or two or three - but not four, sorry), by all means please let us know!

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Administrator's Memo?

Whatever happened to the weekly memo from the city administrator that used to post every friday?


Adam, you have superhuman powers. Nice work. The site just keeps getting better and better.