Who says city politics is boring? Mayor Lansing sues three city councilors and the city administrator

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Update 1: The StarTribune has posted a story that goes into much more detail about the matter, mentioning the liquor story, leaked city documents, and what the Mayor is trying to get from the suits (city councilor dismissals, compensation):

When City Attorney Maren Swanson learned that the packet had been distributed, the complaint says, she told council members not to give it to anyone.

Swanson could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

In spite of her warning, the complaint says, Council Member Jon Denison gave a copy to the local newspaper, which ran a lengthy story on its contents.

Original: The Northfield News posted this story on its website today, but it's still pretty scant on reasons why...


Mayor Lee Lansing has filed suit against City Administrator Al Roder and councilors Noah Cashman, Jon Denison and James Pokorney for violations of the state open meetings and public records laws, according to sources with knowledge of the lawsuit.

Is this related to the ongoing Liquor Store/conflict of interest battle? If anyone has any more information, feel free to leave a comment. We'll keep this story updated as the news unfolds...

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The star tribune also has a

The star tribune also has a story about this on their website today.


Awesome, thanks

Great link - I'll update our story.

Mayor Lansing

Someone please step in. This city is a mess... not to mention embarrassing.


Voters of Northfield, is it time for a recall on this person?

Current map of city mess

A helpful map, for those of you playing along at home. Click to embiggen.

Cluster Chuck

None of the media has so far connected the dots in a meaningful way.