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Wayne Eddy to be inducted into Hall of Fame; Tribute to man killed in Northfield Saturday; Northfield mentioned as "Great Neighborhood"; Northfielders appear on Judge Judy

downtown-nfld-flickr Wayne Eddy is mentioned in this Strib article as one of the upcoming inductees to the MN Broadcasting Hall of Fame...

Shelby will get more accolades from his peers Oct. 27, when he'll be inducted into the Museum of Broadcasting Hall of Fame along with 10 other Minnesota groundbreakers: Omni Broadcasting founder Lou Buron, Northfield radio favorite Wayne Eddy, MPR interviewer Gary Eichten, wrestling giant Verne Gagne, late-night legend Franklin Hobbs, KSTP photojournalist Brad Jacobs, perfect pitchman Mel Jass, WCCO radio exec Clayton Kaufman, sportscaster Ray Scott and small-market operator Dean Sorenson.

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Northfield is mentioned in the Christian Science Monitor as one of five "Great Neighborhoods" in North America.  (Thanks to Jo Kleber for the tip.)

Small-town neighborhood
Division Street, Northfield, Minn. Historic downtown is so "full of energy and charm" that one could "spend an entire day checking it out"

William Paget, the man who was killed in an unfortunate train accident in Northfield on Saturday, is memorialized in this kind article...

Paget joined the Minneapolis Fire Department soon after moving here from the East Coast and also served with the Bloomington volunteer fire department, Lins said. He retired from Minneapolis in 2000. His career included arriving with the first engine at the 1982 Thanksgiving Day fire that destroyed the Northwestern National Bank Building, Lins said.

"He could absolutely be counted on to help," he said.

And YouTube brings us a video of a Northfield couple appearing on TV Judge "Judge Judy" in a dog-causes-bike-crash case...

Photo courtesy of Brooke Raymond

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Downtown Northfield

Here's more on Northfield's excellent downtown from the Project for Public Spaces.

She's Harsh!

Wow. Don't make Judge Judy mad!
I hope she rides a bicycle to the courtroom!

Yeah, she really laid into

Yeah, she really laid into them. Of course, they didn't present much of a defense - certainly the 'he was biking 30 miles from his home' didn't help them at all. :)