Football: Knights, Oles win; Raiders lose to Prior Lake

nn-raider-fb The Northfield Raider football team fell to 4-3 on the season with a 19-29 loss at Prior Lake.  They've got a game on Wednesday at Holy Angels.

The Northfield High School football team had 10 penalties, committed two turnovers and didn't score in the second half in a 29-19 loss at Prior Lake Friday night at Dan Patch Stadium.

The Carleton Knights raised their record to 3-3 with a 31-17 victory over Hamline.  They host Augsburg next weekend.

Carleton got its running game on track, piling up a season-best 196 yards on the ground, with another 320 yards coming through the air. On defense, Carleton limited Hamline to only 101 yards via the passing game and 81 with the running game.

...and the Oles hung on to win a wild one by a single point over Concordia, 52-51.  Olaf hosts Bethel next Saturday.

There was no shortage offense. Concordia ran 91 plays for 540 yards while St. Olaf had 62 for 454. Each team had seven touchdowns, two punts, an interception and a field goal on 11 drives.

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Calle Ocho

Just days after the loss, the Concordia coach was seen at Miami-Dade County Junior College looking for new talent.


If this is in reference to St Olaf's Florida recruiting pipeline, it's tasteless and crass.