Man killed in train ride accident in Northfield

KARE 11 ScreenshotA man was killed in Northfield yesterday during a local traditional small gauge railroad exhibit. William Paget was killed as he tried to prevent a train car from tipping over. None of the people inside the car were injured. More from Kare-11:

Authorities say William Paget was the brakeman on the caboose which was attached to an engine rail car. The caboose, which was carrying three adults and five children, started to tip as it went around a curve at a slow rate of speed.

Click here for a link to the video report from KARE-11.

Update 1: Stephanie Aitken submitted this picture of the efforts to lift the fallen caboose. (from yesterdays local small gauge railroad train exhibit in Northfield)

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How awful this is. A man who

How awful this is. A man who was thinking of others loses his life in the pursuit of their safety. I wish all of those who knew and loved him the peace that can come from knowing he did his best for the welfare of others.

A true tragedy

This is a tragedy in many senses. Jim Machacek is one of the finest people Northfield has ever known. He has put on this annual event from the time I was a child. I hope the friends and family of the victim see through their pain and grief to understand that this was an accident in the truest sense of the word. My condolences to all.