An Australian tour of Northfield, mate.

There's an interesting video out on the You of Tube. It was made by Patrick and Jess Stokes and is called 'A Walk Into Northfield'. It features Our Beloved Town, but is narrated by a distinctly foreign accent. I contacted the creator of the video to ask more about the video, the creators, and how they came to be strolling around Northfield...

I'm a postdoctoral researcher working in the Hong Kierkegaard Library at St Olaf, a major research center for the study of the 19th Century Danish philosopher Kierkegaard. It's a pretty remarkable facility and a real credit to the College.

Jess and I are from Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia (about 3.7 million people), so Northfield is quite a change of pace for us. Apart from that most of the differences are pretty minor, though the novelty of squirrels running around everywhere hasn't quite worn off yet! The winter will obviously be a lot colder than we're used to though (snow will be a bit of a shock), but we're looking forward to it. We've been enormously gratified by the friendliness and helpfulness of Northfielders and the sense of community in the town.

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