Video: Matt Arthur and the Bratlanders at the Tavern

Click here to view the video!We're playing a little catch-up here, but we've got video and a photo gallery from the Bratlanders playing at the Tavern bar from last weekend. Many thanks to Susan Quakkelaar for blogging it all:

doug and i worked together at allen until recently, when he took a new job at carleton college.

besides working, though, doug plays in a band - matt arthur and the bratlanders (he's one of the bratlanders). last night, a few of us from allen went out to see him play in northfield minnesota and we had an outrageous night. the band was awesome - tons of energy and so much fun!!

Video is after the jump...

Full Disclosure: Doug Bratland is a member of NCO and does lots of good work with

Even fuller disclosure: is Citizen Journalism. If you've got concert footage and/or a photo gallery from a recent performance of anyone recently, please let us know! We're begging you! :)

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