Local fighter wins first bout of "Downtown Throwdown"

Editor's note: We received this great story and photos from Northfield photographer Robb Long. Citizen Journalism rings up another KO!

Chaylan Rader Northfield's Chaylan Rader (28-9, 169 lbs) fought Brooklyn Park's Rich Sherer (2-1, 167 lbs) to kick off the World Fighting Championship's Downtown Throwdown at the Target Center last Saturday night. Sherer led the first part of the fight, landing a few jabs until Rader took him to the ground, putting Sherer in a triangle. Holding Sherer in the triangle for over a minute, Sherer was able to maneuver out, eventually falling victim to Rader's arm bar and tapping out.

Rader started competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events after learning martial arts techniques that he believed would help defend himself in prison. Rader never went to prison and started competing in MMA after a chance meeting with an old buddy.

He admits to getting into a lot of street fights when he was an younger and claims MMA has made him a better person. Rader recalls," I was in and out of jail and I turned into a bully. After competing in MMA I have never been in a street fight."

Rader shows great sportsmanship. He says," I am as good as I am becuase of the guys I've trained with."

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This is Great

On numerous occasions I have shared the sauna at Olympus with him while he was trying to cut weight. He's a good kid and I am glad he is having success with MMA.

Animal (Human) Cruelty

This is neither a sport, nor suitable for this blog. And if it is, let's start including updates on pitbull fighting, bum fighting, cock fighting, kid fighting, etc.

Because the very bottom stratum of society engages in this kind of garbage, does it mean we're obligated to provide a media venue for it?

This poor kid will have neuro deficiency before he hits 40. C'mon people. Get with it.

Who are you calling 'bottom stratum'?

"Kid fighting"? Sheesh.

Anyways, MMA is not boxing - consider that the fight above was won with an arm bar, not a concussion.

Perhaps you need to read more on The War Against Boys and the current mindset trying to squish these activities out of healthy males. Not everyone subscribes to your "Boys Should Practice Flower Arranging" methods.

Anonymity is the badge of cowardice.

That's all I've got to say about that.

Below whale excrement at ocean's bottom

I like to get liquored up and watch illiterate hyper-macho youth from America's trailer courts pound on each other. It's the highest and best use of their human potential.

anonymity a necessity in backwater

Where someone is trashed for actually saying by the town council for making the public aware of a constitutional violation