Minor changes - open to suggestions

You may or may not have noticed, but we've made a few cosmetic changes to the website recently.

  • All the college news items (click to read) have been collected into their own sidebar block on the right hand side. They had been scattered between the different categories.
  • We've added MN news to the left hand side, courtesy of MPR and the Pioneer Press. We'll add the Strib when they get a real RSS feed that isn't registration-only. That's right, $500M company, we're calling you out!
  • We still accept and encourage Northfield organizations, citizens, businesses, and ? to create and submit RSS feeds for us to aggregate. Got one? Please let us know!.

We're still citizen journalism and we always accept news, images, video, audio from people like you. We had 149 different authors last year - join us!

Do you have a suggestion for the website?  Please add a comment and let us know!

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Looking Good

I've noticed and appreciated the Minnesota news feeds, and adding a section for the colleges makes good sense. The site is looking good and is a font of well-organized information. Nice work!