John Pitsavas, Bob Jacobsen pass on yesterday

Reports are coming in that the individual killed yesterday in a rollover on I35 was John Pitsavas of Basil's Pizza.

Also Bob Jacobsen of Jacobsen's Department Store also died after a short illness.

More information as we get it.

Update: The Northfield News states that victim has been identified as Pitsavas.

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A very sad day...

Northfield is doubly poorer for the loss of these two men.

- Brendon Etter
A Play A Day & Lysteria

Took my daughter home in a Jacobsen's outfit.

Bob helped me pick out the outfit that my daughter wore home from the hospital. He also gave me a baby blanket as a congratulatory gift after I came back for more.

Man, I miss that store. What a sad day.

End of an era - and a family tragedy

I've written here before about what Jacobsen's meant to me, and how kind Bob was to my father when he moved to town. The Jacobsen family has been at the heart of Northfield for a long time, and with the closing of the store and now the passing of the senior generation, an era is truly over. I'm glad to have experienced that era, and to have had the privilege of knowing Bob and Elaine at least a little. My condolences to Rollie and Shar and all of the family and their friends.

My heart aches as well to learn of the Pitsavas family's sudden and devastating loss. A very sad day indeed.



Why use "pass on" instead of

Why use "pass on" instead of "passed away" or "died"?

They were loved.

I was very sad to hear about both families' losses.

I did not know John, but my heart goes out to those he loved and who loved him.

To Bob's family also my heart goes out to you all. Bob Jacobsen was kind, thoughtful, friendly.... He was more than words can describe I'm sure. I hope you take comfort in knowing how many people loved and respected him. I wish you well.


John was a great guy

I went to school with Johnny at the University of Minnesota. He was a great guy and will be missed.