Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Football, Nobel-winning scientist politicians, shape-shifting books(?)

The Missota conference, which is the football conference that Northfield plays in, is experiencing a bit of trouble due to the growth of outlying 'burbs, like Farmington, Shakopee, and Hutch. (via the Strib)

The powerful football conference has been in almost a perpetual state of flux since it included schools such as Apple Valley and Burnsville in the 1970s. But what's coming in the next few years might be a major shakeup, even for those used to watching the conference's ranks change.

"Nobody's talking about leaving or anything," Northfield coach Bubba Sullivan said. "Could it happen in a few years? Possibly."

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As a followup to our original story "Northfield native considers Senate run", Peter Agre has decided not to run for Senate this year as a Democrat, contending for the nomination with others like Mike Ciresi and Al Franken: (via MPR)

He said he encountered encouragement and skepticism, and he ultimately concluded a campaign would carry more personal and professional costs than he was willing to bear.

"As much as I'd like to run, I've decided it's just not the time to step in," Agre said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "It's late. I just don't think I can make the race."

And finally, Northfield will be the scene of an upcoming romance novel out in September which includes... time travel and shape shifting animals?...

I have a book coming out in September that’s a time travel/reincarnation love story. That’s set in Northfield, Minnesota, which is just south of the Cities. I went there several times for research. I’ve always like that town — it’s got a great small town feel but with several colleges in the area, it’s also somewhat cosmopolitan. I always wanted to write a book about the Jesse James raid on the bank in Northfield in 1876 because that was a turning point for the James gang. They were defeated — by farmers and townspeople!

Note that the romance novel link contains possibly objectionable content.