Northfield gets four inches; even more rain falls elsewhere

Rplot.PhpAccording to the Carleton Weather website, Northfield got threefour inches of rain total between Saturday and Sunda - 2.92 inches on Saturday and less than a half an inch so far todayalmost an inch on Sunday. There's also a chance of rain for every day this week right now.

While four inches is quite a bit, it's nothing compared to the seventeen inches reported by one station :

Some of the preliminary and unofficial rainfall totals reported to the National Weather Service could exceed the Minnesota single-day rainfall record of 10.84 inches set at Fort Ripley on July 22, 1972. One observer near the Winona County town of Witoka reported 17 inches Saturday into Sunday.

"It's been to the point of overwhelming," said Dave Belz, deputy director of emergency management for Winona County.

This gives us 8.25 inches this month and 17.51 inches all year, which mean that August has accounted for nearly 50% of the rain that we've gotten all year.

If you like charts, here's one from the USGS showing the Cannon River has risen almost four feet in the past few days.

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More rain on its way...

Wow, they got hit hard down near Winona and LaCrosse. Looks like Rochester received between 6-8 inches of rain as well. Wondering how they're handling that. As of 12:30 pm, looks like another healthy shower is headed Northfield's way; sadly it looks like the places that got 10 inches or more yesterday may also get more today. Does anyone know how far behind we are in yearly or seasonal rainfall after this past week or so of rainy weather?

- Brendon Etter
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Will need to be updated,

Will need to be updated, since we've gotten more today.

...and the forecast calls for even more.

8" here

We're about 8 miles west of Roch., and got about 8" of precipitation on the 18th. Dunno about the 19th, and today, the 20th, more is coming.

All the grass sure looks nice and green suddenly :)

Family in Stockton, however, were rescued off of the roof of their house - it was that bad.

The local paper down here has good coverage of our neck of the woods;