Police Chief Gary Smith cannot verify heroin numbers

The "Heroin in the Northfield Schools/NIMBY" story keeps on rolling. The AP has a story looking into the numbers that were given by Smith and if they can be validated by other groups in town:

The police chief in Northfield says numbers he cited in publicizing heroin use in Northfield were anecdotal and based on what drug treatment workers had told his investigators.

Read the full story by clicking here.

In related news, the Nfld Union of Youth/Key will be holding a Q&A about heroin use among Northfield's youth tonight at 7 p.m at the Key.

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This shouldn't surprise

This shouldn't surprise anybody whom has been paying attention since Smith has been in Northfield. He is all about himself and does not like any who contradict or question him. Check the numbers and see how many officers have left Northfield, good officers whom did not want to put up with Smith and his BS. From Captains to patrol officers, we have seen them leave. Has he replaced them? Yes. With the same quality? Thats questionable. Smith is all about himself looking good and being important.

You are very brave, Mr. Anonymous

Brave words from an anonymous author. Not.

Anonymous comments carry zero weight and authority. If you'd like to criticize the Chief, sign your name.

Why shouldn't you be able to

Why shouldn't you be able to leave anonymous comments...that is what the web is all about.

If the truth hurts, the truth hurts.

Truth? = Hurt?

Actually, that's not what the web is all about.

It's no different than writing graffiti on the bathroom wall: write what you want, get out before you get caught. No accountability.

The truth does hurt, if it hurts, and it can be verified as the truth.

- Brendon Etter
A Play A Day & Lysteria

Chief Smith

Those of us in law enforcement often spend our days trying convince people to confess crimes to us. We often ask people to take responsibility for their actions and admitt to us what they did was wrong.

Chief Smith what you did to the community of Northfield was wrong. I am asking you to take responsibilty for your actions. You owe an apology to this community before you leave town. You said before that nobody was asking you to leave town. I would be willing to bet that nobody is asking you stay either.

Ray Gainey