This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - June 19, 2007

The 'Sphere is back just in time for Juneteenth.   Fully half the states in the US of A recognize Juneteenth as a holiday or observance; Minnesota does not.   TWINB does, but we're a holiday-type crew.  Anyways, on with the show!...

The Northfield Construction Company is renovating the new Montessori School that is coming on the south side of town...

One of the bigger tasks involved the removal of the existing concrete
basement floor. The building official determined that the existing
floor to ceiling height was 2” lower than the height prescribed by the
building code. Our only viable solution was to remove the concrete
floor, excavate soils, and re-lay a new concrete floor.

The Dundas Dukes will be retiring Lew Olson's #8 in a game on the 24th...

Lew played for thirteen years with the Dukes starting in 1981 and continuing through the 1994 season. He was the tournament MVP in 1982 leading Dundas to its first State Championship. In that year, Lew hit 38 homeruns in only 42 games, an astounding feat.
He also hit a three run homerun in the first inning of the 1988
Championship game to lead the Dukes to their second State Championship.

Bill Ostrem recaps a year as a the president of a Home Owner's Association.  It's a very good read...

It was a hectic year for the association, and I was ready to pass
the presidency to someone else. While we have only nine units, on
August 24 of last year we had a nasty storm that rained down
baseball-sized hail. (Some parts of Northfield had softball-sized
hail.) You can see the proof in the pictures above.

The result was over $80,000 dollars worth of damage. As president I
was responsible for managing the repairs. All roofs and gutters were
replaced, and there was much repair work done on windows, siding, trim,
doors, and more.

Ray Cox has written a review of Into the Wild, which I thought was an excellent book...

I especially liked the book because the author wove in parts of his own
life adventures into the story. Krakauer’s accounts of his mountain
climbing experiences quickly sent a chill up an down my spine. You may
also remember that Jon Krakauer is the author of Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster.

That's it for this week!  See you soon!

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