Books and Stars 2007 kicks off with Justin Roberts - Pictures and Video!

If you've got pictures, send them in! We'll add them to the gallery!

The 2007 Books and Stars season kicked off yesterday (Wed, June 13) with perennial favorite Justin Roberts. But before he was to come on, the library rolled out Booker the Bookmobile for what has become its traditional paint job - handprints from kids (and grown-up kids) in town. was there and has pictures, slideshows, and some video of JR's opening performance.

  • Click here to view the photo gallery! As more pictures come in, this will grow!
  • If you're after the videos, they should be loading below... Unless we add some new ones, these won't change to reflect the new submissions. Sorry!

(The movies require Flash - you probably have this already...)

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Great evening fun!

Thanks Adam! You are a fast and good storyteller! Your photos show all the fun of last nights event. Thanks to all who attended! Wasn't Justin fun!!?! And I love the Dancing Pages!
Thanks to the many volunteers who made it all possible. Thanks also for the donations to the Friends of the Library it was a super evening all around!