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A roundup of recent posts to the area's civic weblogs.

Bruce Morlan
Real men vote Republican
An interesting article says that the Republicans are the "protectors" and the Dems are "nurturers". One point that is not made is that the Western adult male would probably rather live in a world where they had to seek out danger rather than spend their time protecting their families from danger that comes to them.

Bob Courchaine's Bits Mean Business
Plumbers don't have it so bad
I've thought all along concentrating on the high-paying jobs of technology obscures the importance of the many not-so-high-paying jobs that go along w/ a technology's maturization... I'd like organizations like local EDAs and City Councils recognize the value of those new and numerous not-so-glamorous jobs instead of chasing the few big-buck ones.
Rural Renaissance
So, I now feel like I don't have to convince people that a cost-effective, reliable communications infrastructure including the internet is essential to the rural economy. Now the job becomes figuring out what that infrastructure looks like.

The League of Women Voters Northfield
Animal Agriculture Conference

Ray Cox
Natural Resource Meeting Monday January 12th
I want to remind you that I am hosting a natural resource "Listening Session" on Monday evening at 7:00pm. It is being held at the Townhall in Millersburg. That is located just west of 35W on Rice County Road #1.
Governor Pawlenty's Education Proposals
I'm a real believer in the charter school concept. One of the first charter school proposals in Minnesota came before the Northfield school board for endorsement many years ago. I voted to support the proposal, but it failed on a 5-2 vote. I will always remember that the other positive vote came from the only active teacher on the school board, Larry Tomten.
Impaired Waters List
I spent the morning in St. Paul at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) at an informational meeting to discuss the draft of the 2004 List of Impaired Waters in Minnesota.
JOBZ and Wind
Land in Northfield has been included in the new Job opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ) and a wind grant was secured for electricity production. 26 acres in Northfield have been included in the Southern Minnesota JOBZ Alliance... RENew Northfield, a group working hard on energy issues, provided a lot of assistance for this recent grant.

Citizen Wig
Northfield District's moratorium on new charter schools
Ray Cox's weblog post
about Gov. Pawlenty's recent announcement of his plan to expand charter school opportunities reminded me that the Northfield School District currently has a moratorium on new charter schools... I'd much rather see the Northfield School Board be the sponsor of any new, locally-based charters rather than the Dept of Ed. After all, they're charged with public education in the area. Why not use their local control and support to see that the new schools do a good job?
A response to Tom Kotula on hospital reuse
My point was more a question of strategy and influence re: some of Way Park activists' approach. The seeming lack of acknowledgement and appreciation for CC's and Galen's newly announced support for the park was deafening, I thought. Why not give them more public kudos and then continue efforts to work with them on limiting the number of houses?

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