Hogan Bros adds free Wi-Fi, The Key's had it for a while, list updated

You may or may not know it, but we here at Northfield daught org maintain a list of all the free, public WiFi hotspots in Northfield . With the with the addition of Hogan Brothers, and the Key (for 12-20 year olds), the list stands at 11 active and 1 (Ole Store) that we're sure will return Real Soon Now.

So if you've got a laptop and are looking for a little change of scenery, give the list a gander and get out and socialize a bit with your fellow Northfielder. I hear that Face-To-Face-Chat(TM) is pretty cool and some people have done some crazy modifications to their avatars.

Many thanks to Josh Hinnenkamp and Griff Wigley for their updates!