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A roundup of recent posts to the area's civic weblogs.

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Bob Courchaine's Bits Mean Business
- Outsourcing as a rural growth industry
While I don't think it reasonable for areas like the rural Midwest to compete head-to-head with India and China on the basis of hourly wage... I do think the benefits (lower communication overhead, no political ramifications for sending jobs out of the country, etc) at least balance the equation and give rural folks a level playing field to pursue the same work. This morning's NY Times talks about the overseas outsourcing trend in terms of it being a natural part of the maturization of the computer technology sector. Makes sense to me we at least try to mine the opportunity here at home as well.
- Micropayments Finally Materialize?
When you as a merchant have to pay a credit card company more than the value of the purchase just to process the order, you very quickly shy away from selling things in that price range. And that price range's the only one the buying public will accept for things like web content or audio files. Now along comes some smart guys from mit w/ a new approach that does an end-around on all those issues.

Bruce Morlan
- Quality of Life
I consciously chose to live near Northfield because I wanted to enjoy a semi-rural lifestyle - one more consistent with farming than with city life. I hoped that Northfield would be providing a nice setting for some light shopping, good coffee, a couple of bookstores and basic needs. Unfortunately, in the last few years the basic nature of the area has changed...

David Bly
- A birthday party fundraiser with Willie Murphy and his band
Willie Murphy and his band are coming to Northfield. When? Saturday January 10th at 8:00 p.m. Where? The Northfield Country Club. $25 in advance, $35 at the door
- Rock for Democracy at Javalive
Saturday December 6th I joined Patti Fritz and Jeremy Kalin of Young Progressives and many other good Democrats at the Javalive Coffee shop in Faribault for some great music presented by Bonnie and the Clydes.

Ray Cox
Final Social Studies Academic Standards Released
Professor Robert Entenmann contacted me several times concerning the social studies standards. Professor Entenmann was vocal about his objections to the initial draft of the standards and wrote opinion articles that appeared in the Minneapolis StarTribune, Northfield News, and other papers. Friday I received an email message from Professor Entenmann that in part said...
Voting Registrations
I do believe there are some inherent problems with general wide-open same day voter registration. I think it would be more appropriate to reserve same day registration for the residents that have lived in the voting precinct for less than 30 days, not the general population. If you move to an area and become settled for longer than 30 days, I think it is appropriate to ask you to register to vote, just as you change your mailing address, register for a new driver