The Rotblatt Mystery

We got a letter from someone in Ohio the other day via our contact form, and this is what it asked:

I was curious as to when the Rotblatt Softball game takes place each year in your town. Thank you for any info you can provide…

Say what? Rotblatt? I've lived here going on seven years now and I've never heard of it. A little Googling revealed...

Finally, a softball game known as Rotblatt, in honor (or open mockery) of player Marvin Rotblatt, is held every spring. The day-long celebration features free t-shirts and a good deal of requisite drinking, and the number of innings played coincides with the College's current anniversary. In 1997, Sports Illustrated honored Rotblatt in its "Best of Everything" section with the award, "Longest Intramural Event."

Marvin Rotblatt even has a MySpace page: (contains slightly objectionable pictures, if you think people flipping off the camera is objectionable.)


Okay, pretty cool. But the questioner wanted the date. So, I contacted my Deep Carleton to see what I could find. Here's what I got back...

> To be honest, Rottblatt is pretty much one of those "underground" events
> that's not really open to the general public. I wouldn't really
> consider it a sporting event. More of a senior rite of passage (without
> going in to further details.....!)
> Sorry I can't be more helpful. It's really not something that should be
> publicized outside of campus and even on campus it's pretty much "word
> of mouth."

Thus it is so. The mystery is impenetrable. I wrote the guy back, quoted the above, and told him "Sorry."

Very cool. Good for you, Carleton.

Also, no comments on this story. I don't want to know... :)