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Star Tribune
Northfield residents promote peace with weekly vigil
It was supposed to start at noon on the dot and last for 15 minutes, as it has every Saturday since Sept. 22, 2001. But a few people arrived early for the Northfield peace vigil, greeting one another and shuffling their feet to keep warm.

Castle Rock charter school hosts neighbors
"We want the Castle Rock people to know that this is their school and they're welcome here," director Caroline Jones said. Prairie Creek's 108 students, in kindergarten through fifth grade, are primarily from nearby Northfield, she said.

Obituary: Sidney Rand, former St. Olaf president; ambassador to Norway
Sidney Rand, once president of St. Olaf College and a former U.S. ambassador to Norway, died this week in Northfield, Minn. He was 87.

Debate deepens over releasing offenders
"We cannot keep every sex offender in prison for much longer than we already do," said Sen. Tom Neuville, R-Northfield, a GOP leader on criminal-justice issues. "And you can't have life in prison without release for a first offender, or the system isn't proportional anymore."

Mill in Northfield that made history still makes breakfast
While the last of the mills that earned Minneapolis its "Mill City" nickname has closed, a Northfield mill of the same vintage still turns out one of the country's best-known breakfast cereals.

Christmas brought to Northfield's needy
The clients of the Northfield Community Action Center are struggling: The nonprofit serves more than 700 households in Northfield, and 86 percent of those are at or below the poverty level.

Jeremy Iggers: Part II on same-sex marriage
But several people raised the question of the slippery slope: "If marriage is not to be defined by consenting, nonrelated adults of different genders, how should it be defined?" asked David Ludescher of Northfield. "Why should the government not allow consenting adults to enter into polygamy? What if a parent and an adult child want to form a union? If same-sex couples are allowed to marry it will only be a matter of time before another group steps forward."

Dundas cuisine: American bistro is a country oasis
Given how strongly the other patrons reminded us of liberal arts professors, the word has spread to Northfield and beyond. We strongly recommend making a reservation. And prepare yourself for a leisurely dinner; service can be slow when it's busy.

Lori Sturdevant: Republican raises moral objection to Pawlenty proposal
Neuville, 53, rethought a lot in the intervening years. The mental exercise has landed him squarely in position to be a roadblock to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposal to get Minnesota back into the execution business after its 92-year stay. The five-term senator from Northfield is a leading voice from Pawlenty's own party on the Senate Judiciary Committee -- the panel where previous death penalty bills have gone to die -- and stands ready to be a new death penalty bill's outspoken opponent.

Clara Shaw Hardy: An ancient approach to marriage
Clara Shaw Hardy, Northfield, Minn., is professor and chair of classical languages and director of the program in women's and gender studies at Carleton College.

Pioneer Press
Couple adopts Vietnamese children, then does more
Tim and Kisten Thompson admit that when they traveled to Vietnam six years ago they were focused on picking up their newly adopted daughter, Amy, not the plight of thousands of Vietnamese orphans. ... orphan is," said Ticarro-Parker, who started the Northfield, Minn., foundation with her husband ...