N.org Book Report for April 26, 2007

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Good news - The Northfield Historical Society has agreed to join the weekly book list, starting next week! 
Bad news - I don't know where I put the original graphic that I use for the book report.  Recreating that may take... well, minutes, I suppose.

Lists inside...

River City Books was the only group to get a list in this week, so they're the alpha and the omega...

Great Reads On The Cheap 

Did you know that River City Books has a downstairs? It’s true. Sometimes even regular customers forget to walk the steps and check out what’s offered down below. RCB’s bargain basement includes several tables of remainders (in addition to those located upstairs) — that is, books that are on sale well below listed retail prices. 

Recently, a fresh batch of bargains came through the door, including great novels, historical nonfiction, books for young readers, mysteries and more. Among the recent arrivals: 

1. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan 

Comment: Just $5.98 for a book the Chicago Tribune called “a pure joy to read.” 

2. Angel’s Command by Brian Jacques 

Comment: Young adult readers have been wild about Brian Jacques for years. Now they can read this Castaways novel for just $3.98.  

3. How to Talk Minnesotan by Howard Mohr 

Comment: Have a little lunch. Maybe some hotdish. Then pull out this read (costs just $3.98). You’ll laugh – I betcha!

4. Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt 

Comment: Has a woeful childhood ever been so delightful to read about? The price isn’t dour, either. Just $7.98. 

5. The Cat Who Went Bananas by Lilian Jackson Braun 

Comment: Spring is a great time to sink your teeth into a mystery and Jackson Braun always serves up the page-turners. This one is a not-frightening $5.98. 

6. Catch as Catch Can by Joseph Heller 

Comment: The other book by the author who brought us Catch-22. The price ($6.98) is no conundrum.

To follow other new bargains and sales at River City Books, catch up with The Raven (www.rivercitybooksonline.com) once in a while.

Adam the Author back again.  Don't forget that the annual Northfield Great Book Raid is currently going on at the ice rink!  More books than you can shake a (hockey) stick at.