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Since winter is here again, it's time to curl up by a nice fire place until the temperature hits 70 again. Which is probably next week. 'Cause it's April.

The Northfield Public Library new book list - let's look at the new mysteries this week...  

  1. Blunt, Giles - By the time you read this : a novel
  2. Francis, Dick - Risk
  3. Stabenow, Dana - A deeper sleep
  4. Daheim, Mary - The Alpine scandal : an Emma Lord mystery
  5. Shefchik, Rick -  Amen corner
  6. Hawke, Richard - Cold day in hell
  7. James, P. D. - The black tower
  8. Qiu, Xiaolong - A case of two cities
  9. Haines, Carolyn - Penumbra
  10. Benjamin, Carol Lea - The hard way : a Rachel Alexander mystery
  11. Clark, Carol Higgins - Laced : a Regan Reilly mystery

To see the complete list of new releases, please click here to view it in a PDF format.

Monkey See, Monkey Reads is back this week with their list of Top 5 Bestsellers...

1. Fruits Basket vol. 16 by Natsuki Takaya

2. Backwards Bush clock - a clock at a bookstore. You have to see it to believe it.

3. Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors one Siren at a Time by Mike Perry

4. Someday by Alison McGhee

5. Where One Voice Ends Another Begins: 150 Years of MN Poetry edited by Robert Hedin.

Last but not least, River City Books...

Great New Reads Sailing Below The Radar

Many readers know about books that occupy top spots on national bestseller lists as well as those anointed with instant fame after being embossed as an official “Oprah pick.” But every month there are batches of great reads that hit the market with little fanfare. That’s where the list of Book Sense Picks comes in. Book Sense Picks are not necessarily bestsellers and that’s precisely why the list is useful; the picks are intended to promote titles you may not have heard about but might want to consider. Booksellers at independent bookstores — such as River City Books — create the list by submitting titles they are enthusiastically recommending to customers.

Here’s a sample of the Book Sense Picks for April:

1. The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle

Book Sense says: One by one, the sentences in this debut novel create a story of unflinching honesty and biting humanity: the story of young Alice Winston, whose world is unraveling around her. The relationships between the adult characters are delicately depicted amid the illuminating, brutal truths of life on a horse ranch.

2. Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier

Book Sense says: Chevalier has crafted another deft evocation of people, times, and places, this time William Blake, 1792 Georgian London, and Astley’s Circus. The Kellaways, a country family, are susceptible to the big-city allure of London but naïve about its dangers. The Blake family lives next door, and we are given a glimpse into William's poetic, painterly genius. Chevalier also offers a full view of 18th-century London in all its sordid and dirty glory.
3. Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas

Book Sense says: “Sandra Dallas’ new novel, set in Colorado during WWII, tells the story of teenage Rennie Stroud and her family — and the impact of a new Japanese internment camp on their community. Dallas’ characters and dramas ring true on every page. “Tallgrass” is memorable.

4. Dog Years by Mark Doty

Book Sense says: This beautiful memoir rings with truth, and great writing. From the very first page, Doty’s careful observations — and his intricate confrontation of loss, love, and the nearly unsayable bonds between dogs and humans — catch you up in a world illuminated by his elegant language and steady gaze.

5. The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Book Sense says: Elegantly written as a monologue in the voice of Changez, a Pakistani man in conversation over a meal in Lahore. We learn of the charmed life he led in the U.S., and how perceptions of one’s identity can radically fluctuate due to circumstance. An engrossing tale.  

6. Shakespeare’s Kitchen by Lore Segal

Book Sense says: This book of short stories reads like a novel. Ilka Weisz is a new professor at a university think-tank, a New Yorker loosed in Connecticut. Told through a series of memorable parties, breakfasts, picnics, and dinners, Ilka finds friendship and love among her new colleagues. You will find people you know in this book, and may even recognize yourself at the party.

7. Love in a Torn Land: The True Story of a Freedom Fighter’s Escape from Iraqi Vengeance by Jean Sasson

Book Sense says: Jean Sasson reveals the beauties and the horrors of Kurdish freedom fighter Joanna al-Askari’s life in a compelling, heart-wrenching way.  

Gratis copies of the full list of Book Sense picks can be picked up at River City Books each month.


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