NDDC promotes Currier, welcomes Bierman

The Board of Directors of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (NDDC) recently promoted executive director Ross Currier from a half-time to a full-time position. At the same time, the board welcomed new member Robert Bierman (Bierman’s Home Furnishings and Floor Coverings) as he begins a three-year board term.

Robert Bierman (above, right) has been a business leader in the Northfield area for his entire adult life.  Family members operate two enterprises in Northfield and Bierman’s Home Furnishings recently expanded to a second location on South Highway 3.  Robert was named Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year in 2004.  In 2005, Bierman’s restored the façade of its downtown location to the original 19th century design.  Robert currently serves on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce.

Ross Currier has been Executive Director of the NDDC since 2003. Prior to that, he worked as the director of real estate development for Artspace Projects in Minneapolis.  Ross also worked as a real estate development consultant for a number of years with clients that included the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, the West Bank Community Development Corporation, the Hutchinson Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Metroplains Development, the Duluth Economic Development Authority and the Cornerstone Group on projects ranging from affordable housing and commercial spaces to artist studios and gallery spaces.  He received his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University in 1981 and earned an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in 1987.


During his tenure with the NDDC, Ross has been a staunch advocate at City Hall for business interests in the downtown commercial district, has led the NDDC through three successful fundraising campaigns and coordinated several marketing collaborations between downtown retailers and Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges.  He is currently guiding a collaborative effort with the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce to develop a coordinated retail strategy for Northfield under the auspices of the Northfield Economic Development Authority.  He is also an inveterate blogger and posts several times a week to www.nddc.org.

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Ross is also a blogger and

Ross is also a blogger and podcaster over at Locally Grown

Hey, how come Tracy and I didn't know about this? We're bloggers. Secrets are safe with us!