Southgate Cinema Donates Rentals, Gains Lobby

The New Southgate LobbyI got quite a shock tonight as I stepped into Southgate Cinema on my way to see The Queen. Southgate has donated its entire movie and game rental stock to the Northfield Senior Center, which has plans to sell them as a fundraiser.

Southgate was kind enough to let me take a few snaps after the movies were over of their reclaimed lobby area. The manager (who's name I have regretfully forgotten) was quite nice and explained that this is how it looked 18-19 years ago before the theatre got into the rental business. She said that the lobby would be repainted and the carpets cleaned.

If you get a chance, you should stop by and check it out. It's like a different place altogether. Also, The Queen was very good, much better than I expected.

There's more inside, including a Quicktime Panorama of the lobby...

If you would like to see the Quicktime Panorama of the lobby, click the image below.

Click here to see the QT Panorama!

(Drag your mouse right and left to scroll around in the panorama)

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Yay! Looks much better than before, maybe get a couple more chairs in there. I like it, and how nice of them to donate their video and game collection. Way to go, Southgate!

- Brendon Etter
A Play A Day

It's nuts - it's like an

It's nuts - it's like an entirely different place.

I'm sure it'll look much nicer when the painting and cleaning crews come through. As it is you can still see where all the counters and shelved were all these years.