XCS returns to the Ann Sipfle Memorial Ski Trail

I spent a couple hours cross country skiing the Ann Sipfle Memorial Ski Trail in the Carleton Arb on Saturday during the fluffy snowfall. Click the photos to enlarge and see a dozen more in the Cross Country Skiing in the Arb photo album.
Left photo: If you have information on who Ann Sipfle was, attach a comment or contact us.
Update 10:30 PM: I got this email from Northfielders David & Mary Alice Sipfle:

Ann Sipfle is our daughter. She grew up in Northfield, and was a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College when, in November 1977, on a family vacation, in Vermont, she was killed by a drunken driver.

Left center and right center photos: even the berries wore hats of fluff. A couple of walkers wandered into my viewfinder as precisely the right moment.
Right photo: I purchased my skis from Sun Dance Outfitters in Northfield back in 1975. Anyone remember who owned that store? Have a photo of it? Attach a comment or contact us.