About NCO

Northfield Citizens Online (formerly the Northfield Free-Net) was born out of a living room salon in December of 1991. The discussion questions for the evening: What's the likely impact of the Internet on local community? How can it be used to strengthen a geographic community rather than undermining it like other electronic media tend to do?

We've received funding from the City of Northfield between 1995 and 2002. From 1995-97, we received in-kind support (server space, connection to the Internet) from Keith Lauver at Gearworks (previously known as MicroAssist). From 1998-2004, we received similar services from Bob Courchaine and Steve Hatle at Northfield Internetworking and Rob Brown at badbrain computers.

We are very grateful to all for their generous support.

Our mission is to create an electronic commons that strengthens the fabric of community in the greater Northfield area. We facilitate online access to existing community resources, provide services for citizens and non-profit organizations to electronically publish and communicate with one another, and host online discussions, including timely conversations on civic issues with the community's leaders.NCO's Board of Directors, 2005-06 (use the Contact Us form to reach a board member via email; click the thumbnails to enlarge):

Jan Allister, Alex Beeby, Doug Bratland, Rob Brown, Rick Estenson

Adam Gurno, Ellen Iverson, Jonathan Jaranson, Bruce Morlan

2005-06 Executive committee: Doug Bratland, Chair; Bruce Morlan, Vice-Chair; Jan Allister, Secretary; Rick Estenson, Treasurer.

Executive Director: Griff Wigley

The 1999-2000 Board members (photo taken in Sept 99): Left to right Bruce Morlan, Mark Heiman, Tracy Davis, Bob Courchaine, Griff Wigley, Curt Benson. Not pictured: Andrea Christianson.

The original Board members (photo taken in 1996): Left to right, Steve Hatle, Bob Courchaine, Bruce Morlan, Tracy Davis, Andrea Christianson, Griff Wigley, John Hatch. Not pictured: Lynne Young, George Kinney.