Icicle Meltdown Challenge

Icicle Meltdown - Cherry Park
Parks aren't just for kids!

Watch the Icicle Meltdown Promotional Video and start your challenge today! Register for the Icicle Meltdown Challenge HERE!

Using Northfield city park amenities, trails, and playground equipment to perform strength, circuit, endurance, balance, and conditioning exercises, you will walk away having learned a variety of new and creative movements, and will have found muscle in places you didn't know it existed! The Icicle Meltdown includes ten park workouts, access to a video explanation of each workout, demonstrations of maneuvers, modified or tiered exercises for every level of participant, and a spreadsheet containing the park workout plans. Workouts are for athletes, teens, adults, and anyone who is ready to begin, maintain, or increase personal fitness levels! A link to a Google slide presentation with all of the above information will be attached to your confirmation email, and may be accessed at any time, in any order. You may feel like an ICICLE when the workout begins, but after instructor Melissa Bernhard, a 20 year veteran gymnastics conditioning extraordinaire puts you to work, you will MELTDOWN to a suitable temp in no time! Once you've completed all ten workouts, send Melissa a photo of you at your last park (mbernhard@northfieldschools.org), to be included in our Icicle Meltdown FB post and be entered into a drawing for $25 off of an upcoming Community Ed class.