Northfield curfew is not extended to Monday or Tuesday nights

On Sunday, May 31, Northfield Mayor Rhonda Pownell signed a proclamation declaring a local emergency and curfew starting 8:00 p.m. Sunday, May 31. The proclamation included the possibility of the curfew being extended to Monday, June 1 and/or Tuesday, June 2 if deemed necessary. City Administrator Ben Martig and Chief of Police Monte Nelson have reviewed information and decided not to extend the curfew at this time.

Other cities and counties, including Dakota County, are also cancelling their curfews as the possibility of violence and/or property damage has decreased. Northfield Police staff will continue to monitor events and potential threats in the region and locally. If threats or concerns of potential violence or damaging activity resurface, the curfew could be used again. 

We understand some community members disagree with the use of a curfew, and we want to emphasize the curfew was not enacted to limit anyone’s right to protest or demonstrate peacefully. A curfew is a valuable tool to help local law enforcement maintain the safety and security of our community.

“I want to thank our community members and businesses for following and supporting our efforts to keep our community safe during these tumultuous times.  All of us have a part in maintaining public safety,” said Monte Nelson, Northfield chief of police.

If you see or hear of suspicious or criminal activity, please call Northfield Police via 911 or the non-emergency 507-645-4475 as appropriate.