Northfield HRA approves grant for emergency housing assistance

On April 28, the Northfield Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) approved the use of $53,600 from its reserve funds to grant to the Northfield Community Action Center (CAC) for emergency housing assistance within the Northfield community. This assistance will help residents who may be impacted by the pandemic and experiencing economic hardship. The CAC is committed to setting aside $100,000 from its own funds first, which are mostly made up of local donations from individuals and businesses in the community, and will tap into the HRA grant funds once their own funds are depleted.

“Both the HRA and CAC value a streamlined approach to supporting emergency assistance to households through this extraordinary time,” said Mitzi Baker, City of Northfield community development director. “They have programming already in place to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families.”

The CAC is one of several local partner agencies the HRA works with to support access to housing. The CAC is often a first contact for assistance and are well recognized for being a community resource during times of unexpected need.