Students writers challenge you to 'choose your news'

Meet Lexi Hennan, Charlie Wolff and Cassie Clark. These three students and their classmates in Jan Allister's journalism class at St. Olaf College are pretty bright, but they need some help with the homework.

That's where you come in...

The students have agreed to do some of their writing assignments as stories for I know that over the last few months you've sent in story ideas and I've had to say we didn't have anyone to do them. Now we do.

That means you get to "choose your news." So put on your thinking caps, look around town and add your story ideas below. Obviously, the students are volunteers, so they get to choose which stories they want to do.

We'll keep you posted on their progress as they start getting to know people around town and publishing their work here.

This could be the start of something big. So if a college student starts asking you questions, be nice. 

And keep those ideas coming.

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story suggestion

How about a story on local students who are riding their bikes in Critical Mass events? For more on Critical Mass, see the entry in Wikipedia.

Submit one!

Bill, since we rely on citizens for our stories, how about you submit what you've described?

responding to anne's story

    I'm all for citizens submitting stories, including myself, but I was responding to Anne's call for suggestions for topics that students in a writing class could cover.  

Indeed you were.

I stand corrected. How's that rich-text editor working for you?

rich text editor

    Thanks for asking. I've figured it out, but it's still a little puzzling. When I click in the comment box I don't always get a cursor. It seems to work better if I tab from the subject box to the comment box.


I'm a sucker for sports writing:

* What about the less covered sports around town - Ultimate, disc golf, uh... I don't know, but I bet some team profiles would be nice.
* The St. Olaf and Carleton football teams are both 3-0. Has that happened before? Carleton has a new coach and a much improved team.

There's also *Homecoming* which is going on right now...

Local Music

Hey, and local music would be great - There's lots of college bands and local bands. (Seems like there's fewer now than 2-3 years ago, but maybe that's my perception only.)

Also a behind-the-scenes look at the St. Olaf Christmas Concert would be great.

Student Writers

Jim Truax -  There's a big crane on the southeast side of the St. Olaf campus - what's happening?