Northfield Citizens Online Annual Meeting

NCO annual meeting 2011.jpeg

Save the date February 13, 7:00 p.m. at Hideaway in downtown Northfield, for the Annual Meeting of Northfield Citizens Online (NCO).

Almost 30 years ago, a group of Northfielders had been discussing questions like:  What's the likely impact of the Internet on the local community? How can it be used to strengthen a geographic community rather than undermining it. 

The group established the non-profit NCO and founded the website to create an electronic commons that strengthens the fabric of community in the greater Northfield area. Over the years, has played a number of roles involving many local citizens and organizations. 

The question of the impact of Internet-based technologies on the community is as relevant now as at the time of the founding of NCO, if not more so. What role can and should play will be part of the discussion at the February Annual Meeting.

The public is urged to attend and participate in this important dialogue. Other business will include election of the NCO board. (Registered users of are considered “members” for voting purposes.) We hope to see you there.