Untangling what’s recyclable with holiday lights and wrapping paper

Be nice by recycling your holiday lights. Don’t be naughty by putting wrapping paper in your recycling.

Don’t know what to do with those old or non-working holiday lights? Are you making the switch to energy efficient LED holiday lights? Recycle your old lights!

Residents can drop-off any unwanted holiday lights at ACE Hardware at 670 Water Street South during the holiday season or at any point during the year at Rice County Solid Waste and Recycling Center at 3800 East 145th Street in Dundas. ACE is collecting old lights through January.

DSI is asking residents to not put wrapping paper in your curbside recycling or in the large collection bins at grocery stores. Most wrapping paper contains foil, tape, bows and other items that contaminate the paper recycling. Instead of traditional wrapping paper, consider other options such as reusable cloth bags, gift baskets, paper bags, or newsprint.