Northfield ready to fight winter ice dams

Energy Action Team recommends Home Energy Squad® visits to identify smart fixes for avoiding trouble and staying comfortable

As winter approaches, Northfield’s Energy Action Team is mobilizing to help residents avoid costly ice dam problems at home. They are encouraging homeowners and landlords to schedule visits from the Home Energy Squad®.

Inefficient homes are frequently subject to large ice dams, along with drafty doors, uneven heating, and inefficient energy waste all winter long.

“Many people believe that the solution to ice dams is simply more insulation or pulling snow off of the roof, but it’s typically an air sealing problem inside the home,” said Matt Rohn, with Northfield’s Energy Action Team. “When warm air inside the home escapes into the attic, it melts the snow on the roof and that’s when the trouble starts.” Rohn continued, “Experts from the Home Energy Squad can test your home to see how tight or leaky it is and give you a smart plan to address any issues they find.”

Northfield residents can schedule an appointment by calling 651-328-6220. During a two-hour visit, a team of two technicians will look for opportunities throughout the home to address small issues that add up to big heat wasters. They install energy saving measures, including:

  • LED light bulbs
  • High-efficiency shower heads and faucet aerators
  • Door weather stripping
  • A programmable thermostat where appropriate – (smart thermostats are available for an additional fee)

The cost of a Home Energy Squad visit is only $70 (labor and materials valued at $200). For only $30 more, a Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit includes all the energy saving measures plus a professional inspection of your home, including a blower door test to check the home’s air sealing, a visual inspection of insulation levels, heating system and water heater combustion safety tests, and thermal imaging inspection of insulation in walls and ceilings. All of these services are valued at $600.

After every visit, the technicians will discuss the work performed as well as any recommendations for additional work to make the home more comfortable and efficient.

To learn more about Energy saving actions you can take visit:

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