Big winner plans to have friends share 'Dinner on Us'

Congratulations to Jane Fenton, the grand prize winner in our 'Dinner on Us' membership contest.

After 10 weeks of giving away dinners at restaurants throughout Northfield, we decided to give our final winner the option to choose the perfect dinner -- and we threw in $100 to pay for it.  Jane says she plans to invite her friends over, order dinner from her favorite restaurant, Kurry Kabab, and let the fun begin.

Here's a little more about Jane:

"I am the Director of community relations at Laura Baker Services and have been since last November.  I’ve lived in Northfield since my first days as a freshman at Carleton College, slightly over 20 years ago. 

"I have two sons, Eddie Martin, a sophomore at the high school, and Cliff Martin, a sixth grader at the middle school.  The three of us have appeared in several plays at the Arts Guild over the last couple of years, most recently “The Jungle Book.” I just competed in the 15K road race during the Defeat of Jesse James Days, and I finished, much to my delight. I visit at the Long Term Care Center at Northfield Hospital as a Pet Therapy volunteer with my dog Patch.  I’ll be spelling in Thursday night’s spelling bee at the Grand, and will appear as part of a dance troupe in the upcoming cabaret at the NAG on Oct. 14.  Fortunately in both cases, my sense of humor will keep me from dying of embarrassment in public."

Jane has this to say about 

"I love because I love living in this dynamic, caring town full of interesting people.  I like the format of the site so much that I am having the guys at badbrain computers convert my website to the RSS format so we’re all linked up.  I get most of my local news from, and I plan on using it extensively to promote the auction items for the upcoming Gala Benefit on Oct. 28 for Laura Baker Services."

Thanks, Jane. Enjoy the party...and don't forget to send us the photos.

To the rest of you, thanks for entering 'Dinner on Us' -- and for supporting

We couldn't do it without you.