PRESS RELEASE - Wastewater Treatment Plant Release

Northfield, MN (July 23, 2019) ¾ During the morning hours of July 22, 2019, a wastewater tank overflowed releasing a maximum of 5,500 gallons of wastewater into the Cannon River. There aren’t any public health concerns related to the release.  

Equipment is in place to prevent the overflow. The alarm, notifying staff of elevated tank levels, did not work properly and is scheduled for repair.  Staff notified Minnesota Pollution Control Agency immediately and took water samples.  The results show higher levels upstream of the plant than below where the release occurred.    

The City is conducting an internal investigation. 

The Cannon River is in flood stage.  During flood events the public is advised not to recreate in flood waters.    The Cannon River near the time of the release is flowing at 48,000 gallon every second.

For more information, contact Public Works Director/City Engineer David Bennett  or (507) 645-3006.