City of Northfield Launching POLCO: A New Public Engagement Platform Diversifying Engagement Through Technology

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Northfield-The City of Northfield is excited to announce the launch of Polco, an innovative engagement platform where residents can directly provide input to the local government decision-making process.  By using Polco, the City is making public participation easier for residents by meeting them where they are.  Officials will post questions directly to residents on Polco’s app and website, where residents answer and comment on questions.


The City of Northfield will soon be asking residents to rate aspects of the community.  Specifically, the City wants to know what residents think about Northfield as a place to live, raise children, work, play, retire and visit. 


According to City Administrator Ben Martig, “Polco is endorsed by the City’s strategic plan consultant Craig Rapp, and has a reputation for providing significant data on important community issues.”


The City will also be asking for further input related to ADU, upcoming projects, and strategic plan initiatives on Polco in the coming weeks and months.


Residents begin giving input by downloading the Polco app for Android or iOS, or by visiting and creating an account.  Polco’s platform is available via web, mobile app, email, and any place Polco e-ballots are found online.  This service is free to all residents.


Polco is committed to a strict privacy policy where they only share aggregated de-identified results.  Participants’ individual data and votes are never shared. 


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Communications & Human Resources Director (507) 645-3012 or at