Boys of America "Ameriikan poijat" Finnish Brass Band new CD Release

Dec 1 2018 11:00 am
Dec 1 2018 1:00 pm
Content Bookstore
Ameriikan Poijat (“Boys of America")  is a unique Finnish American brass band that was founded by Paul Niemisto in 1990 in Northfield.  Their newest CD- “Juhlat – Festivals and Celebrations” releases on Dec. 1. 2018, at Content Books on Division St.   Paul Niemisto will be there to autograph between 11:00 and 1:00.
Paul writes "It’s been about ten years since Ameriikan Poijat has recorded a new album. Part of this is because our Finnish style brass septet has already covered a lot of our favorite music in the first four CDs (about 80 separate selections). At one time, we were thinking about doing a Christmas album, but couldn’t get excited about adding one more to a glut of seasonal recordings. What was left? The modern stuff! Within the context of many festivals and events, we have had wonderful music written for us and we are the only ones now playing this repertoire. It is time to share this music with a wider audience and to attach these wonderful composers to the Finnish Brass Septet legacy. For those of you who have acquired this album looking for some more dance music, it is buried in these compositions but you have to use your imagination to identify them. We are happy to contribute to the “new era” of Finnish and Finnish American brass music."  Paul Niemisto
Many music lovers know of this group  from their regular performances at the Vintage Band Festival in Northfield.
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