City of Northfield Reflects After Election

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For Immediate Release

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Northfield-Last evening’s election resulted in the voters not passing the special city referendums in Dundas and Northfield.  There were many voters on both sides of the issue in both communities: 4,358 (44.56%) yes and 5,421 (55.44%) no in Northfield and 372 (48.95%) yes and 388 (51.05%) no in Dundas.

On behalf of City of Northfield, thank you to all volunteers and staff whom have been working on the Cannon River Civic Center Parks & Recreation referendum. Your dedication in the research, development, information, and outreach to all members of Northfield and Dundas communities is so important as funding for a new facility, proposed Cannon River Civic Center, and for parks and recreation initiatives, was placed on the mid-term election ballot.  Community members were given the information needed, in many forums, which allowed funding complexities to be asked and opportunities for our community to capitalize on economic opportunities related to sports tourism, parks, and trails improvements. 

The question of what to do about the current condition of our existing ice arena is one of the City’s strategic initiatives.  The City will be revisiting the issue and determining next steps.  In the meantime, we welcome feedback from the community and encourage you to contact your City Councilor or Public Works Director/City Engineer which will be reviewing and sharing with the City Council.  If you have questions or would like to share verbal perspectives please call Public Works Director/City Engineer David Bennett (507) 645-3006.




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