Art Exhibit at River Bend Nature Center


Local native animals are subjects of an exhibit of fabric art by Northfield artist Toni Easterson at River Bend Nature Center in Faribault. Easterson’s fourteen portraits reveal her close connections to the animals she sees from her window - a mink, an egret, a turtle, a rabbit, a bluebird, among others. She uses fabric pieces given to her by friends and transformes them into remarkable creatures. An egret’s plume, for example, was part of a lace wedding gown. 


The exhibit is on view through November. The public is invited to meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments on Friday, November 9 from 2:30 to 4:00. River Bend is located at 1000 Rustad Road, Faribault. 507/332-7151.


The exhibit was funded by a grant from SEMAC, and promotes cross-fertilization between the nature center and the arts community. All the material used was “upcycled”, and reflects Easterson’s appreciation of the handiwork of women.