CASTastrophe Musical Revue

Sep 7 2018 7:30 pm
Northfield Arts Guild Theater, Northfield

The Northfield Arts Guild Theater presents CASTastrophe, a new delightful musical revue for the entire family, during Defeat of Jesse James Days (DJJD).  Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, September 6 – 8,  7:30pm, at The Guild Theater, 411 Third Street West, Northfield.  

CASTastrophe is a marvelous mix-up of melodies and monologues where performers play roles in which they’d normally never be cast due to gender, age, race, etc.  The show is appropriate and fun for all ages and only runs about 75 minutes.

Under the direction of Pauline Jennings, the cast includes Birch Carlson, Michelle Drenth, Johanna Drentlaw, Esme' Elzi, Ann Etter, Jerry Fox, Libby Glimsdal, Bob and Ann Gregory-Bjorklund, Alison and Rachel Haider, David and Ruth Legvold, Steve Lawler, Pauline Jennings, Elin Odegaard, Wendy Placko, Mandie Siems and Greta VanLoon.  An exciting band, featuring Andrew Burns, Sam Dwyer, Emmett Forster, Steve Jennings, Curt Johnson, Max Kirkeide, Ava O'Hara-Brantner, Ben Reister accompanies the singers.  Pianist Donna Paulsen makes a guest appearance.

Tickets for CASTastrophe are only $10.00 and are available at The Guild, 304 Division Street S, online at 
or by calling 507-645-8877. 

This show is a benefit for the Northfield Arts Guild. 

A new musical revue at the Northfield Arts Guild