City of Northfield American With Disabilities (ADA) Transition Plan

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For Immediate Release:

The City of Northfield is in the process or preparing an ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan for public right-of-way. The City of Northfield invites the public to become involved in this process through written comments. Those interested persons, including individuals with disabilities or organizations representing individuals with disabilities, are requested to participate in the development of the ADA             Transition Plan.  A draft copy of the City of Northfield ADA Transition Plan can be viewed on the City’s website at:


Please submit comments or specific recommendations for modification to city facilities to Sean Simonson, the city’s ADA coordinator. He can be reached at 507-645-3049, by mail to Public Works Department Engineering Division, City of Northfield, 801 Washington Street, Northfield, MN 55057 or by email at The ADA coordinator will respond to any complaint or request. The public comment period is August 9-23, 2018.


For additional information, contact Sean Simonson at 507-645-3049