How and Why to Caucus

League Caucus training poster.jpg

Former Minnesota Senator Kevin Dahle and Executive Director of American Majority Jennifer DeJournett will talk about the role caucusing plays in our democracy on Thursday, January 18 at 7 St. John's Church, 500 3rd st. W., Northfield. Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Northfield/Cannon Falls, this valuable forum will help us learn how to participate effectively in the caucus of our choice.


Here's a chance to get invoved! Political parties' precinct caucuses will be held on Tuesday, february 6, 2018 all over Minnesota to begin the process of endorsing candidates and proposing issues to influence the party. At a caucus, officers for the precinct, and delegates for the next level of the partys' decision-making process are elected. Watch here for the locations of the caucuses in Northfield.


The League hopes that experienced as well as new voters will attend the January 18th event as a first step in shaping the election in in Minnesota on November 2018.