2018 Hot Reads for Cold Nights at the Northfield Public Library

Hot Reads 2018.png

Are you getting cabin fever after this latest cold spell?  Are you retreating to your warm house and looking for good books to read?  Join us for Hot Reads for Cold Nights at the Northfield Public Library this winter.  During these cold, snowy months, curl up and read some books and win prizes at the library!  Join our winter adult reading program, starting Monday, January 8, and read for prizes until Sunday, March 4.  After reading a book, each patron will fill out a slip with their name and phone number and a few lines describing the book.  The name and phone number section will be cut off and put in a fishbowl.  The comment section of each slip wll be included in a notebook.  Patrons will be able to browse other comments for ideas for new books.  Each week, three names will be drawn from the fishbowl.  Each winner will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to a downtown business.  Patrons who use 50 North (formerly, the Northfield Senior Center) will be able to sign up and drop their book slips at the Senior Center.  The completed slips will be added to the notebook at the library, and the participants will be included in the weekly drawings.               Join the fun and win a prize!

Questions?  Contact Joan Ennis at 645-1802 or joan.ennis@ci.northfield.mn.us